This is my personal website where I share my hobbies of photography, coding and writing.

The photography page recounts my travels to places like streets of Jerusalem, the mountains of Ladakh and the vineyards of Chile. I also enjoy macro photography on a rainy day and occasional portraiture. I'm currently shooting with a Canon 7D and an 18-250 Sigma zoom lens, but I also use a Canon 10D with 20mm, 50mm and 100mm prime lenses.

I'm a professional programmer and I enjoy hacking in my spare time too. My coding page has a few snippets, most of which are publicly available on my Github profile. I'm currently working for AWS building a marketplace for selling software and services running in the EC2 cloud, writing Java and Ruby. At home I write mostly Clojure and Perl.

I've also started a weblog under which to share my thoughts on software development, mindfulness and general human behavior.